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CENTAUR Grid Generator

CENTAUR produces high quality hybrid grids with minimal user interaction for a wide range of engineering problems. Generation is robust and automatic for even the most complicated geometries.

CENTAUR produces hybrid grids consisting of a mixture of prisms, hexahedra, tetrahedra and pyramids.
CENTAUR has a large number of features that allow for easy mesh generation for a wide variety of geometries from simple to extremely complex.

Polyhedral Grids
Both isotropic and directional polyhedra can be generated using CENTAUR.

High Order Grids
Quadratic meshes for curved geometries offer increased solution accuracy with reduced number of elements.

Partial reuse of existing meshes and effective handling of repetitive geometries.
CENTAUR produces re-usable meshes to facilitate re-designs.
Special Issues Handled
Handling of local geometry and field complexities, as well as of "Mega" CAD and Grids.