Computational Grids for Advanced Simulations  
Hybrid Grids
CENTAUR combines the best of both structured and unstructured grids via a hybrid
(prismatic/hexahedral/pyramidal/tetrahedral) meshing strategy. [more]
Mesh Element Types
CENTAUR allows for complex 2-D and 3-D geometries to be easily meshed using different mesh elements as required by the geometry and the needs of the particular flow simulation. [more]
Meshing Strategies
3-D hybrid mesh generation allows for a mixed element mesh consisting of prisms or hexahedra in the boundary layer region and tetrahedra or hexahedra in the interior of the mesh domain. [more]
Mesh Generation Process
Generating a mesh with CENTAUR is simple and automatic and requires minimal user expertise. [more]
CENTAURTM can be used to create meshes for a broad range of modeling applications including:
Fluid Mechanics (CFD)
  • Aerodynamics
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Biomedical Flows
  • Environmental Flows
Aeroacoustics (CAA)
Structural Mechanics
Heat Transfer
Multi-disciplinary Simulations
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Fluid Structure Interaction
CENTAURTM is a general purpose meshing tool that has been used in a wide variety of industries.
Airplanes, Helicopters, Engines
Re-entry Vehicles, Rockets
External Design, Underhood, Cabin Design
Ships, Submarines, Propellers, Oil Platforms
Reactor Cooling
Gas, Steam, Hydro
Pumps, Impellers
Internal Combustion Engines, Burners, Silos
Arterial Flow, Lungs, Bronchial Tubes
Wind Turbines, Pollution Dispersion


CENTAURTM — Generation of locally optimum hybrid meshes using all main types of elements.  [more]
CENTAUR_FlexMeshTM — Fast generation of meshes for geometric redesign and mesh movement. [more]
CENTAUR_StructHexasTM — Locally structured grids including hex blocks. [more]
CENTAUR_GeoRepairTM — Expands the types of automatic CAD cleaning operations. [more]
CENTAUR_MultiCoreTM — Allows faster mesh generation using multi-core machines. [more]
CENTAUR_AdaptTM — Combination of mesh movement and refinement / coarsening based on the solution. [more]