Computational Grids
Complex Geometries and Fields
CAD Creation - Parametric Design

Broad Spectrum of Types of Grids Available

Prismatic Elements
Layers of prisms can be created in boundary layers and viscous regions.
Hexahedral Elements
Layers of hexahedra can also be formed in boundary layers and viscous regions.

All Tetrahedral Meshes
Generate all tetrahedral meshes.

Hexahedral Blocks
Create structured hexahedral mesh regions to resolve wakes and vortices and combustion regions.

2D Hybrid Meshes
2D geometries can be easily meshed using both triangles and quadrilaterals.

Overlapping Meshes
Allows for mesh regions to overlap.

Adaptive Grids
Solution-based adaptive grids. Mesh refinement, coarsening, redistribution and regeneration.

High Order Meshes
Quadratic meshes for increased solution accuracy with reduced number of elements.


Key Features

Multiple Zones
Separate meshes can be generated in multiple regions.

Complex Geometries
Very complex geometries can be easily meshed.

Mesh Resolution Control
Element sizes are determined automatically or can be user-specified.

Structured Surface Meshes
Structured surface meshes can be easily generated on 4-sided surfaces.

Directional Surface Quadrilaterals
High aspect ratio structured quadrilaterals can be generated on wall surfaces for anisotropic flows.

Wake Meshes
Allows for generated layers from both sides of wake surfaces.

Moving Hybrid Grids
Hybrid mesh follows structural motion.

Special Surfaces
Special surface meshes include periodic mesh generation, actuator disks, and sliding interfaces.

Parallel Mesh Generation
Generate meshes using multiple processors.

Mesh Quality Improvement
Evaluate the quality of the mesh for use in particular solvers.

Mesh visualization alongside the geometry.


Design Features

Batch Mode / Scripting
Allows for automated design optimization process.

Reshape Geometry
Allows for the reuse of an existing mesh for a new geometry.

Replace Local Geometry
Allows for partial reuse of an existing mesh when replacing local geometry.