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Interior Regeneration

Interior Regeneration based on solution gradients, differences and specified ranges of the field variables adds additional elements in regions where the solution data indicates extra points are needed to properly model the flow physics. The solution is analyzed to automatically compute new length scales that are then used to generate a new hybrid mesh.
Many times, the initial grid does not have sufficient resolution to properly resolve all flow features of interest. Regeneration can be used to add additional clustering based on detected flow features so that they are better resolved by the solver. Features can be either detected based on edge gradients and differences of the field variables or based on a user specified range of their values.

Supersonic Duct - Pressure Based Regeneration

This test case represents a simple supersonic duct with a 5° ramp on the lower surface. Both the upper and lower surface are treated as viscous wall with prismatic elements grown from them. The side surfaces are modeled as symmetry planes.

In order to capture the reflected shocks, the pressure gradients and pressure differences along edges were used to determine where additional resolution should be added.

The new mesh has much better clustering where the shock is located and a very smooth size variation away from the shock. The shock was resolved more accurately compared with the solution computed on the original mesh.

M6 Wing - Pressure Based Regeneration

The transonic flow over an ONERA M6 wing was modeled at M=0.84,  α=3.04° using OpenFOAM. The original mesh was able to weakly capture the standing forked shock on the upper wing surface. The pressure data from this initial run was used as input to the regeneration process.

The new mesh has additional clustering where the shock was detected to better resolve the feature. Simulations using the new mesh reveal a much better resolved shock as indicated in the pictures below.