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CAD Creation - CAD Repair


A powerful and unique tool for cleaning CAD geometries. It offers (i) automatic repair operations, (ii) guided manual repair steps, and (iii) some unique manual cleaning capabilities.

GeoRepair (Standard):

Manual CAD Cleaning
The geometry can be cleaned / improved via the use of manual CAD cleaning operations. A broad range of CAD flaws can be treated.

GeoRepair Plus:
Automatic CAD Cleaning
Substantial reduction of the effort needed to clean "dirty" CAD geometries. Extensive automatic CAD cleaning actions are available.
Guided Manual CAD Cleaning
Complements the automatic CAD repair by guiding the user to pick appropriate cleaning actions.
Auto Repeat CAD Cleaning Actions
The time and effort needed to manually clean the CAD geometry is substantially reduced via the automatic repetition of CAD cleaning actions to similar parts.


Automatic CAD Cleaning Example

Automatic CAD cleaning is performed for a wind turbine blade geometry. In the close-up view of the blade-hub junction, the yellow spheres indicate the areas where automatic CAD cleaning has been applied.