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Example Aerospace Applications 
787 Dreamliner 
Wing-Body-Pylon-Nacelle Configuration 
High Lift Aircraft Configuration with Engines 
F16 Fighting Falcon Fighter Aircraft 
Mirage 2000 Multirole Fighter 
X31 Aircraft Configuration 
Eurocopter Helicopter 
AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter 
X38 Crew Return Vehicle 
Example Turbomachinery Applications 
Blade Seal 
Gas Turbine Blade with Cooling Holes 
Inlet Guide Vane 
Inlet Torus and Nozzle Ring for a Steam Turbine 
Two Zone Turbine Blade 
Centrifugal Compressor Inlet Volute 
Centrifugal Compressor Impeller 
Silo Combustor 
Example Hydraulic Turbomachinery Applications 
Francis Turbine 
Example Automotive Applications 
Open-wheel Racing Car 
Hybrid Grid for Sports Coupe Concept Car 
Internal Combustion Engine (V8) 
Ventilation Duct Images 
Example Marine Applications 
Ship Hull Configuration 
Marine Propeller 
Example Medical CFD Applications 
Hybrid Mesh for an Arterial Stent 
Example Artery Passage Mesh 
Hybrid Mesh for a Realistic Aneurysm Geometry 
Example Environmental Flow and Topography Applications 
Wind Turbine 
New River Gorge Bridge Topography terrain topography 
Gulf of Corinth Topography 
Matterhorn Topography 
Burj Khalifa Wind Analysis Mesh 
Shinjuku, Tokyo Building Wind Analysis Grid 
Tunnel Exit Grid 
Storage House 
Large Eddy Simulation (LES) 
Monte Carlo Simulations - Lattice Boltzmann - Acoustics 
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