Computational Grids
Complex Geometries and Fields
CAD Creation - Parametric Design

CENTAUR Grid Generator

CENTAUR produces high quality hybrid grids with minimal user interaction for a wide range of engineering problems. Generation is robust and automatic for even the most complicated geometries.

CENTAUR produces hybrid grids consisting of a mixture of prisms, hexahedra, tetrahedra and pyramids.
CENTAUR has a large number of features that allow for easy mesh generation for a wide variety of geometries from simple to extremely complex.

Adaptive Grids
Solution-based adaptive grids via application of all related methods: Mesh refinement - coarsening, redistribution and regeneration.

High Order Grids
Quadratic meshes for curved geometries offer increased solution accuracy with reduced number of elements.

CENTAUR produces re-usable meshes to facilitate re-designs.
Special Issues Handled
Handling of local geometry and field complexities, as well as of "Mega" CAD and Grids.