CENTAUR Software Computational Grids
Complex Geometries and Fields
CAD Creation - CAD Repair

Key Capabilities

Mesh Resolution Control
Element sizes are determined automatically. The user can exert local resolution control.

Multiple Zones
Separate meshes can be generated in different regions facilitating multi-disciplinary simulations, mesh re-usability, and parallel grid generation.

Moving Hybrid Grids
The mesh can deform to follow a moving boundary or a re-design.

Special Surfaces / Zones
Wakes, periodic boundaries, sliding interfaces, actuator disks are among the cases handled.

Overlapping Meshes
Individual meshes corresponding to separate geometry regions can overlap.

Axisymmetric Meshes
Conversion of 2D meshes to 3D via rotational sweeping.

Parallel Mesh Generation
Generate meshes using multiple processors.

Mesh Quality Improvement
Evaluate and improve the mesh quality.

Mesh and field visualization.

Formats - Platforms
A wide variety of mesh export formats available. The major computer platforms are supported.