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Mesh and CAD Cloning

The CENTAUR Cloning Tool offers the capability to generate efficiently meshes for repetitive geometries. The mesh is generated only for a base part and then it gets cloned.

Reduce mesh variability
Reduce mesh generation time
Reduce / eliminate the need for grid-grid interpolation
Increase mesh reusability
Global Cloning - Idential Mesh for All Blades

Example: Exhaust Configuration

This geometry consists of an annular sector with a secondary pipe inlet that is rotationally periodic and an annular frustrum that represents a non-periodic downstream geometry like an asymmetric exhaust geometry. The rotationally similar geometry and mesh can be cloned, as shown below:

Repeat Base Part


Repeat Base Mesh

Example: Aircraft with Tail Configuration

The mesh for the fuselage and the wing (symmetric geometry) is generated for the base parts (left side) and then it gets cloned (right side). The mesh for the tail geometry, which in general could be an asymmetric configuration with a deflected rudder, is independently generated.

Local Mesh Mirroring