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Refinement - Coarsening

Local refinement - coarsening can be applied for all element types; hexahedra, prisms, tetrahedra and pyramids. It is automatic and based on field sensors. A wide range of sensors is available. The user can also specify his/her own. The quality of the resulting mesh is monitored and enhanced.

Jet in Cross-flow

The adaptive grid tracks the evolution of the jet flow.


Adaptive Local Mesh Division Example

This example shows the mesh before and after solution-based refinement. Extra clustering is added along the leading and trailing edge of the wing as well as around the engine inlet via the adaptive local mesh division process.

Original Mesh

Refined Mesh

Transonic Flow on a Wing

The original mesh is refined automatically based on pressure, for extra resolution in the location of a standing lambda shock on this transonic wing. The original and the locally refined meshes, along with their corresponding pressure distributions are shown below.

Refinement Example

The white lines show the original mesh and the green lines show the refined (and redistributed) mesh. Note that the prism stacks have been directionally refined maintaining the layer structure.