CENTAUR Software Computational Grids
CAD Creation - CAD Repair
Post Solution Tools

Solver Peripherals

Solution-based mesh adaptation via application of all related methods: Mesh refinement - coarsening, redistribution and regeneration.
Visualization of: (i) solution field data, (ii) user-defined variables, (iii) particle-paths.
A broad spectrum of solution-based sensors is available for the detection of regions where flow features occur. The flow feature detector can be used to "interrogate" the flow field, as well as a guiding tool to decide where the mesh needs adjustments.
Analysis and calcuation of field data: (i) local forces / moments, (ii) heat transfer, (iii) custom quantities, (iv) diagrams / plots.
Mesh-to-mesh interpolation of solution data obtained for the same geometry using a different grid (native or foreign).
Mesh Movement
The mesh can deform to adjust to a moving boundary or a re-design.