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User-Controlled Mesh Clustering (Sources)

CENTAUR allows the user to specify mesh clustering in regions of interest. A smooth size transition is ensured for multiple length scales.

Local control of mesh sizes
Local use of anisotropic (stretched) elements

Some typical geometric source shapes are shown below:

Sphere Hexahedron (Box) Cylinder

Example: Surface Clustering Source

No Sources Two Cylindrical Sources
9640 faces 13830 faces

Example: Anisotropic Surface Source

Isotropic Elements Anisotropic Elements
No Sources
9640 faces
1 Anisotropy Source
3280 faces (66% fewer)

Example: Prismatic Curve Source

A prismatic curve source has been added to the leading edge to locally reduce the prism thickness.

Example: Aircraft with Cylinder-shaped Source Behind the Engine Nacelle

The mesh in the wake tetrahedra region is clustered using a cylindrical source with varying radius in the axial direction.