CENTAUR Software Computational Grids
Complex Geometries and Fields
CAD Creation - Parametric Design

Sample Geometric and Field Complexities

The grid generator can handle local geometry and field complexities including:

Singular points
Small scales
Small angles
Disparate length scales
Different scales orientation / directionality



"Mega" Geometries

"Mega" geometries pose additional requirements to the grid generator. Some common issues are the existence of thousands of panels and "dirty" CAD. Solutions to these issues include:

Automatic Setup
Automatic identification of similar parts (e.g. pipes)
Auto CAD Cleaning



"Mega" Meshes

"Mega" meshes are required in applications such as LES, multi-stage turbomachinery, aircraft take-off and landing, etc.  Requirements that have to be met for the generation of "mega" meshes include:

Optimum meshes (minimum number of elements for given accuracy - hybrid mesh approach)
Parallel / Multi-core grid generation
Robustness of grid generation