Computational Grids
Complex Geometries and Fields
CAD Creation - Parametric Design

Special Surface Meshes

  • Periodic Meshes
    Meshes with rotational or linear periodicity can be generated. Capabilities of periodic mesh generation include:
  • One-to-one node, face and edge correspondence
  • All length scales matched across the periodic interface
  • Curved or flat periodic surfaces supported
  • Automatic Setup process

  • Actuator Disks
    Actuator disks allow for a zero thickness surface to be used to simulate propellers and rotors. A hybrid mesh is generated on both sides of the disk with the same node locations. This allows for the solver to apply a proper boundary condition from one side to the other including swirl and pressure changes.

  • Sliding Interfaces
    Sliding interfaces allow for better solution interpolation across a sliding interface like a rotor / stator interface. This feature only allows the mesh size to vary in only one direction. This enables the creation of sliding interfaces, either rotational or linear, with a consistent size profile on each side of the interface. For rotational interfaces, this means the size only varies in the radial direction. Sliding Interfaces are most commonly used to model a rotational sliding interface such as those present in the following geometries:
  • Multistage Rotor / Stator Simulations
  • Helicopter Rotors
  • Wind Turbines