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STL and Foreign Surface Mesh Support

CENTAUR can read both ASCII and binary STL files that contain a set of triangular facets that describe the geometry. This type of representation is most common for scanned geometries like biomedical geometries and terrain mapping. STL-based CAD can be used in conjunction with traditional CAD, e.g. adding a wind turbine to a terrain or adding a bounding box around a scanned geometry.

Once imported, STL-based CAD geometries are cleaned and ridges to be preserved are identified. Then, the geometry can either be remeshed using CENTAUR or the faces can be used directly as a foreign surface mesh. This allows for a surface mesh from another tool to be used as a starting point for CENTAUR mesh generation.


These examples show a variety of applications of the STL and Foreign Surface Mesh capabilities of CENTAUR. For the skyline and artery examples, the geometries were imported in STL format and a farfield was added within CENTAUR. The tunnel geometry was created with traditional CAD and then combined with the STL defining the terrain.