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Quadrilateral Surface Meshes

CENTAUR is able to generate a structured quadrilateral surface mesh for any 4-sided surface. These structured quads are then used to create layers of locally structured hexahedra in the boundary layer region. The mesh spacing can be user-specified or automatically computed by the mesh generator.
Structured surface meshes allow for a high quality mesh to be created for a variety of cases including:

Wings and Blades requiring high aspect ratio, aligned grids.
Simulations using turbulence models requiring hexahedra instead of prisms.
Cases using Hex Blocks to add additional hexahedra to the domain or to fill an entire geometry / region with hexahedra.

Directional Surface Quadrilaterals

CENTAUR has the capability to generate structured quadrilateral layers on the surface. These quad faces are used to create high aspect ratio hexahedral meshes that save large numbers of elements. These surface meshes are geometrically aligned allowing for good quality meshes to be generated along the leading / trailing edges of wings, blades and other geometries.