CENTAUR Software Computational Grids
Complex Geometries and Fields
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CENTAUR Flexible Meshing - Locally Optimum Mesh Regions

Prismatic Layers
Layers of prisms can be created in boundary layers and viscous regions.
Hexahedral Layers
Layers of hexahedra can also be formed in boundary layers and viscous regions.

Tetrahedral Meshes
Tetrahedra are created away from the wall regions. All tetrahedral meshes can also be generated.

Hexahedral Blocks
Create structured hexahedral mesh regions to resolve wakes and vortices and combustion regions.

Triangular Surface Meshes
Triangular surface meshes can be generated employing either isotropic or stretched triangular elements.

Quadrilateral / Quad-Dominant Surface Meshes
All-quad and quad-dominant surface meshes can be generated. Both isotropic and high aspect ratio elements are available.

2D Hybrid Meshes
2D geometries can be easily meshed using both triangles and quadrilaterals.